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Bayter Federico Romero

Federico Romero Bayter was born in 1981 in Colombia, he studied in Milan, at the Academy of Brera, and he now lives in Genoa.

Ciro – Cipollone Roberto

Roberto Cipollone (nicknamed Ciro) passed his childhood in the foundry of his father. He mainly creates small objects, frames, drawings and etched works, finding in such a manner an efficient way of expressing his irrepressible love of nature and his constant spiritual quest.

Middelmann Gabriele

Born in Velbert (Germany) on 11.11.1961, high school diploma, admission to the university of art and design in Wuppertal. Freelance artist and writer since 1990.

Müller Ernst

Born in 1951 in Schlanders, Ernst Müller passes the years of his childhood in various mountain farms in South Tyrol. Together with his 10 brothers, he is often sent to work in the neigboring alms.

Negri Matteo

Matteo Negri was born in S.Donato Milanese (MI) in 1982. After graduating in sculpture at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera - Milan in 2003, the artist created numerous installations for exhibitions at art galleries, public spaces and art fairs in Italy and abroad (including Paris and Berlin). Matteo Negri currently lives and works in Milan.

Perathoner Erich

Since 1987, the South Tyrolean Erich Perathoner runs his own workshop and has successfully participated in many competitions.

Shimamoto Shozo

"Bottle Crash", performance and exhibition at the Palazzo Magnani, Reggio Emilia / invitation to two performances at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm. There he interprets the performance with the cannon from 1956 and his stage performance from 1957. / Solo show at the Fondazione Morra, Naples.

Sumi Yasuo

He graduated in economics from the Kansai University in 1947 and from the Risumeikan University in 1950. He became a teacher at the present Yodo Commercial High School in Osaka in 1949 and met Shozo Shimamoto in 1954, who was working as a teacher at the same school.