Frames and Bookbindery Kompatscher

Handcrafted frames in South Tyrol

There can be no art without a frame, says the art historian Louis Marin. There can be no art without a boundary that isolates it and distinguishes it as something different from the world of our everyday life. Whether it encloses a painting or a photograph, it makes no difference – it’s owing to frames that these objects become special.

In order to give prominence to your objects of art, we’ve been creating handcrafted frames in South Tyrol for many years now. But they are not just photographs, watercolor and oil paintings that are embraced by our frames. Also degrees, diplomas and certificates need a frame that would point out their importance and recall to their meaning.

For years, we’ve been conducting the ancient tradition of the South Tyrolean manufacturers of frames. We choose the finest wood and valuable materials for realization of our frames. Unique pieces conceived to give your objects of art or diplomas a custom-made suit, capable of appraising them and of giving them importance over time.

Those, who choose our handcrafted frames – choose products of highest quality, manufactured with much care and devotion. Frames that conciliate the bound of tradition and the freedom of modern artisan techniques.


Traditional handicraft of South Tyrol

One of the most ancient artisan arts in history… Nowadays, as well as in the past, a well-binded book is a tangible proof of the craftsman’s skills. We fulfill for you workmanlike bindings, like those that can be found only at the best traditional bookbinding workshops.

Originally, it was that one of the name-sake grand-father Jakob Kompatscher, founded in 1895 in the street of the old market, in Brixen.
It’s possible to build a semantic bridge between the binder’s work – “rilegatura” – and “religion”. In both cases, the root meaning is to bind oneself to something. Thanks to artisan techniques preserved over time, to great knowledge of the craft, and to cutting-edge technologies, we are able to recover damaged works for libraries, archives and private collectors.

To conciliate the bound of tradition and the freedom of modern artistic trends is my personal daily challenge, which i face with great enthusiasm, passion and a certain kind of typical Tyrolean quietness.