„Ciro“ Cipollone Roberto

Roberto Cipollone (nicknamed Ciro) passed his childhood in the foundry of his father. He mainly creates small objects, frames, drawings and etched works, finding in such a manner an efficient way of expressing his irrepressible love of nature and his constant spiritual quest. After a 6-year sojourn in Holland, Ciro decides to return to Italy and to set up home near Florence in Loppiano, a town known as the seat of the religious Focolare Movement. Within this ambience, Roberto Cipollone fully dedicates himself to his art, featured, in fact, by clear signs of research and innovation.

The materials used by the artist vary continuously: wood, iron, stone, cloth… Each of his works presents various clue elements, that are usually recycled objects from the everyday life, and in Ciro’s opinion, they are precious because they are rich in character and personality. Since 1991, Roberto Cipollone has received several assignments for realization of religious paintings. Besides, he has taken part in interesting projects with various environmental protection organizations both in Italy and abroad.