Antonio Piscopo

Born 1948 in Arzano (Province of Naples). Trained as an electrical engineer, a passionate nativity set builder since childhood, and self-taught, since 1993 he has been working with high-quality biscuit porcelain from the Capodimonte porcelain factory.

“The white color of the biscuit porcelain corresponds to the spirituality of the event depicted and the lack of a corrective color emphasizes the meticulous care taken to detail.”

“The artistic work is ostensibly figurative, but it is also symbolic, as it uses religious images, symbols, myths and allegories that only come to light after a detailed analysis, thought over and conveyed.”

“The recurring motifs are: the lamp (light, faith), the Eucharistic symbols of wine and bread (spiritual nourishment, redemption), the tree (sin, life).”