Ruggiero Valentino

Born on November 6, 1951 in San Liborio, a fraction of Piano di Sorrento
The passion for the land that characterizes Valentino is his way of avoiding the progress and inconvenience of modern life. The illusion of being able to stop time in his childhood and adolescence moved him to preserve everything that reminded him of those moments.

In all these years devoted to the collection of a thousand commodities and agricultural implements, he has always believed that all this should become the heritage of many.

The passing of the years is getting sharper and makes his attachment to the earth more and more. In the dreams of Valentino remains the desire to maintain the connection to the past, and the concern for contact with nature.

And today, at the age of 70, Valentino has managed to turn these humble objects, inspired by his creativity, into meaningful works that trigger nostalgia, convey messages, make us think … at least a little bit.