Theunert Holger

Born 1963 in Borna/Leipzig (East Germany), where he grew up his early years.

His artistic career began with first solo exhibitions right after high school.

In the early 80s Theunert was a member of the Fördergruppe Malerei/Grafik in Leipzig – he finished his studies of art (Malerei/Grafik) @ Hochschule für Grafik & Buchkunst Leipzig in 1989.

After testing different styles in a new artistic climate (after moving to Karlsruhe – West Germany) he returned to his roots – telling private stories with an easy access to the public.

Theunert‘s work is always influenced by music. In the 90‘s he began his collaboration with various musicians – J.Peter Schwalm (Brian Eno), Leo Abrahams (Roxy Music/Pulp), Martin France(Spin Marvel) etc. The projects included CD artworks and live performances.

Selected exhibitions:

Imagoars Venice – 2023
Abbey Novacella Vahrn/Brixen – 2018
Imagoars Venice – 2018
Artoomsfair Rome – 2018
OXO Tower London – 2017
MalamegiLab 7 Venice – 2017
Galerie Hofburg Brixen – 2017
Donosteartian Fair San Sebastian – 2016
AAF Milan – 2016
Galeria Gaudi Madrid – 2016
Timelessness – Gabrielfinearts London – 2015

Finalist Celeste Price London – 2017
Winner MalamegiLab – 2007
Art Comepition Venice – 2017
1st Price Award Artistrunway Indianapolis/USA – 2007