Salvatore Sciascia

Salvatore Sciascia was born in 1956 in Puglia. He currently lives in Bolzano where he works as an artisan, illustrator and artist. He mainly devotes himself to painting on glass, while testing various techniques of painting and processing. Sciascia also works in the sector of graphic arts, in xylography, to be precise. Besides, he has had several books for children published. In 1995, Salvatore Sciascia participated in an important national meeting of illustrators in Sarmede, as well as in a traveling exhibit throughout Europe. He also took part in various craft exhibitions in Rome, New York and Johannesburg, organized by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

His works often represent a distorted reality like that one of dreams or of fairy tales. The elements withdraw from their original form to create a fantasy world. The extraordinary ability of Sciascia to create new universes, entirely alien to the everyday life, makes him an ideal artist for illustrating books for children. Salvatore Sciascia first uses tempera. He personally makes frames for his paintings, that are often black or coated with gold or copper plates. The painting and the frame, therefore, seem to be very compact and uniform.

Thanks to his participation in creation of the children’s book “Il piccolo gufo”, Salvatore Sciascia has contributed
into organization of various educational projects for children.