Angela Tripi

By modelling terracotta according to the ancient Sicilian tradition, the artist Angela Tripi creates wonderful nativity figurines. However, if you have a more precise look at her figurines, you will notice their Arabic influence. Probably it is exactly that, what gives her nativity cribs – which are true works of art – that certain something that introduce us to Jesus’ life in a very special way.

Angela Tripi’s nativity figurines are characterized by a particular attention for details, her characters are so beautiful that they look alive. Each year they fascinate both art experts and simple enthusiasts of beautiful things. For several decades now, Angela Tripi has been working at her workshop in Palermo, but is known nationwide and in particular here in South Tyrol. Thanks to the co-operation of collectors and nativity crib lovers she keeps on turning her sceneries into something special.

The artist Angela Tripi modeled the uniques nativities with Terrrakotta in the Sicilian tradition.
The characters of their representations are of the Arabic style
The Angela Tripi artworks have the liveliness and love for detail, fascinating to the art expert as to the spontaneous lover of beautiful things. Angela Tripi has been working for decades in her workshop in the center of Palermo and continues to develop and creating new nativity scenes for collectors.