Middelmann Gabriele

Born in Velbert (Germany) on 11.11.1961, high school diploma, admission to the university of art and design in Wuppertal

Freelance artist and writer since 1990

Lecturer at various art academies

Living and working in the north of Munich in Bavaria

Individual and group exhibitions in Belgium, Luxemburg, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and USA

Public purchases / book publications and films

Winner of the international Syrlin Art Price in 2010

Palm Art Award 2013 Certificate for excellence and nomination for Art Palm Award in 2014

My artistic arguments

Surface and depth and the associated 3D space as well as time and its traces are the overcoming topics that I have been working with as an artist for years.

The human body, the nude provides me with parameters for space and time, a large experimental field.

Using the principles of painting and bringing those together with photography changed my perspective on photography. Similar to my technique in painting, I created active spaces in 3D by adding several transparent layers to my work.