Negri Matteo

Matteo Negri was born in S.Donato Milanese (MI) in 1982. After graduating in sculpture at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera – Milan in 2003, the artist created numerous installations for exhibitions at art galleries, public spaces and art fairs in Italy and abroad (including Paris and Berlin). Matteo Negri currently lives and works in Milan.


Exhibition “Straight into the Corner” 2016 (Art Gallery Kompatscher)

The modulation of the small pieces, the articulation of the individual piece of art reveals a perspective fascinated by urban architecture which finally develops into what Negri defines as Kamigami, sculptural installations which are projected into infinity by means of reflecting walls in steel or mirrors. As he himself writes, “This is where the Straight into the corner exhibition comes from”, which for him means “concentrating on the edge, on the corner which creates new visions; where apparently everything ends, new space opens up”. The first piece of art which we encounter on our walk through the exhibition is a large-size mural Kamigami with the title Z – to – A which further develops the better known Kamigami Boxes where the perspective of the surface is modulated by means of reflecting walls even though in this case it is a perforated panel which rather suggests vanishing points. The ensuing pieces of art are Flatstep in lacquered and chrome-plated iron, L’Ego Mondrian and ten extraordinary works called PSA (literally Pittura su Alluminio – Painting on Aluminum) Straight into 1, 2, 3… 100 x 80 cm each, a clear invitation to get into architectural urban space.

Straight into the Corner, 2016