Falk Christian

The ceramist Christian Falk was born in 1958 in Bruneck. Currently, he lives and works in Brixen – South Tyrol. Through the Raku technique, the artist fills his ceramic figures and sculptures with a distinctive and unique character.

It begins all with a casual work at the ceramic company „Kunter“ at Bruneck. Christian Falk thought to work there till he would find another place to work. But after a short period there he recognized that he found his passion. Twenty years later he makes a big step: he gets independent and earns money by making ceramics.

Christian Falk also likes to share his passion and teaches other interested people in workshop mostly the Raku-technique. With this technique most of his art pieces were made of. The word Raku means something like „wellbeing, joy, luck“ and also „the best in the whole world“. It’s a traditional japanese firing process with an individual result. The formed object is put in the oven at about 1000 degrees Celsius. It is taken out still glowing and wrapped in a flammable material like sawdust and under air exclusion „besmoked“. This is how the unique structures of the glazes and colours is generated – the sudden cooling creates the typical cracks on the surface of the Raku ceramics.

Christian Falk calls himself a varied ceramicist, because he is working with a lot of diverse techniques. Varied also because he produces different ceramics. On one hand he makes Design-artworks but also art with a benefit like individual dinnerware for exquisite Restaurants or Hotels.

He also took and takes part on numerous exhibitions and competition as the Bonsai Keramik Kontest – Akiten in Brixen where he won 2019 the first price.

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