Ceschin Livio

Livio Ceschin, 1962 born in Pieve di Soligo (Treviso), completes his artistic studies at the Art University of Venice and at the Raffaello Academy in Urbino. In 1991, he creates his first works, using the engraving technique, with special propensity to etching and dry point techniques. Starting from 1996, his works appear for the first time at the London National Gallery, in the art collection of the Bibiliothèque Nationale de la France in Paris, and in the graphic collection of Caixanova in Spain. Ceschin is considered to be one of the best Italian artists in the field of engraving. The expressiveness of his figures, as well as the perfect contrast between lights and shadows, are the prooves of his great mastery of this technique.
In these last years, he has published important graphic works, thanks to collaboration with various poets, among whom Andrea Zanzotto (2001), Mario Luzi e Franco Loi (2003). In 2003, Livio Ceschin realized the cover “Sentiero di montagna” (“Mountain trail”) for the Polish version of the famous book “La storia di Tönle” by Mario Rigoni Stern.