Müller Ernst

Born in 1951 in Schlanders, Ernst Müller passes the years of his childhood in various mountain farms in South Tyrol. Together with his 10 brothers, he is often sent to work in the neigboring alms. These long stays away from home awaken a deep sense of nostalgia inside of him. This homesickness will consequently become the main theme of his works. In the following years, he intensely looks for a personal style to be able to express on canvas and paper his interior experiences. During his career, Müller creates works that extend from imposing scenic designs to interesting murals; besides, he collaborates with various schools in terms of art projects realized in the outdoor spaces or regarding the interior design. In 1990, Ernst Müller’s name gets included in the list of the book “Contemporary Italian Art”, and in 2004 – in the “International Catalog of the Contemporary Art”. His style can be defined as abstract art ranging to the visual arts. His paintings perfectly reflect his values, generated from his deep love for simplicity.