Diana LoMeiHing

Diana LoMeiHing was born in Hong Kong. She moved to Europe and studied in Milan as a student at the Art School of the Ursulines.

1978 She graduated with honors in painting at the Academy of Brera, together with V. Ferrari and D. Manfredi. That same year, she defended her dissertation on “Representation of Buddha: from the Indian representation to the Chinese one”, with Raffaele De Grada. During the pre-graduation years, she traveled in China and in France, conducting her studies and research on cultural and artistic traditions of the East.

After having graduated from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, she visited the workshop of Luigi Lomato in Milan, where she worked until getting interested in oil painting and then also in sculpture.

1979 Her first personal exhibition was held in the Goethe Gallery of Bozen.

1980-1981 Creation of tests and illustrations for the “ecological sites” for the Autonomous Province of Bozen.

1982 She writes and prepares a book, “186 recipes and one easy method of the Chinese cuisine”, for the Arnoldo Mondadori publishing house, that is consequently translated to English and German. In October 1986, she wins the First Prize in the “illustrated books” category at the Book Fair of Frankfurt, with the German edition of this book.

1984 Diana LoMeiHing writes a script for the Italian RAI TV program of the”Department of School and Education”, dedicated to the Chinese cuisine and culture, and flanks director Fantoni in realization of this documentary in Milan and Rome.

1987 She makes watercolor illustrations for the book “Macrobiótica” by Michio Kushi, the RED publisher from Como.

1988 She is included in the Catalog of Modern Art, curated by Giorgio Mondadori, led.

1989 She starts her work as a designer at textile company “Tessitura Serica Molinelli” in Como and makes exclusive designs for Mark & Spencer, UK.

1995/1996 At the invitation of KIDP (Korean Institute of Industrial Design & Packaging), she participates in seminar dedicated to “Advisory planning & Consulting” in South Korea, at Sudo Industrial Co. in Daegu and at Seoul Products Co. Ltd. in Seoul. She works also as a textile designer for Doptik AG in Zurich, Switzerland and for Bon AG Wahlstedt in Germany and Denmark.

1997 Realization of covers for books of the series “Paoline Editoriale Libri”.

2000 The artist teaches at the Art School of the Ursulines in Milan. She gets registered as a member of the EIF (European Illustrators Forum).

2005 Since 2005, she has been part of the scientific team of the ITALIA-CINA Association. Consequently, she moves to Brixen and continues her artistic activity for exhibitions throughout South Tyrol. Besides, she keeps on teaching painting at the UPAD School, the palladium of Brixen.

2009 She becomes a member of the Board of Directors of the City Gallery Bressanone.

2011 She has illustrated the whole book “Il Giardino Segreto” (“The Secret Garden”) of the Weger publishing house. Besides, she’s a curator of the project, exposition and event that took place in the gardens of Hotel Elefant Marzani in Brixen – the first event of this kind ever held in South Tyrol.

2012 With other five members, she’s founded Cultural Association Zero in Brixen, and she presides over its meetings. She has curated an exposition / event in garden Marzari at Hotel Elefant and organized the program of “the secret garden – a long path of an elephant”. A charity event that took place from May 2012 to January 2013, in collaboration with the Nature History Museum of Milan, the Asian Elephant Foundation and the funds collected by the WWF Italy for the protection of Asian elephants. The initiative is supported by hundreds of artists, painters, sculptors, graphic artists, calligraphers, poets, photographers, musicians, filmmakers, cartoonists, archaeologists, volunteers and by schools of South Tyrol and Milan, by the art workshop “Self-Help ” in Bruneck, by the field of art therapy of the hospital of Brixen, and by the San Vittore prison in Milan.