Rodolfo Tonin

Rodolfo Tonin was born in Varese in 1959. He studied at the Liceo Artistico, where he attended the art course of Arcisate, the Art School of Induno Olona and the Advertising School in Varese.

As a pupil of the painter L. Brunella, Tonin works in the field of Impressionism and prefers a palette of bright colors and a fauvistic imprint. Currently, Tonin has embarked on new artistic paths in the field of informal and abstract painting, experimenting with new materials and painting techniques, among other things.

His career as a painter began in 1979, when he won the Besozzo Prize, which he won again in 1983, four years later. Since then, Tonin has participated in numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad. Below you will find a short list of some of the most important exhibitions.

In Italy: Induno Olona (1981), Sumirago (Villa Rusconi 1990), Bologna (“Arte Fiera” 1993 and 1994), Pesaro (1994), Varese (1995 “Musica in Villa” and 1995 “Futura antigua”), Pordenone ( 1995), Vicenza (1995), Urbania (1996), Turin (“Art and Encounters” 2005), Ischia (“Segni Vibranti” 2005), Gela (“Art Gallery” 2006), Bari (“Fiera del Levante” 2007) , Udine (“Art Time” 2007), Bari (“Ursi Gallery” 2008), Molfetta (“Art Gallery” 2009).

Among the events abroad we mention Tonin’s participation in the “Istanbul Fair” in 1995 and at the “Expo Arte” in Lugano in 1996.

The works of Rodolfo Tonin have been reviewed by renowned art critics such as Vittorio Sgarbi, Fernando Noris, Orietta Pinessi, Chiara Manganelli and Andrea Diprè.

In 2006, his works appeared on the television program “Tre minuti con Diprè”; in 2006/07 his work was presented in several collective teleshopping on the LA9 satellite channel; In 2008/09 the artist’s work was the subject of two “Specials” by Andrea Diprè on the satellite channel Carpe Diem – SKY932.

The artist was released in 2005 on the band “Segni Vibrati” by La Falpa Promozione Arte, in the same year Tonin was recorded among the 99 modern art artists selected by Vittorio Sgarbi for the book “I Giudici di Sgarbi”; Rodolfo Tonin is also featured in the Mondadori Yearbook of Modern Art 2008 and 2009 and the Modern Art Yearbook published by Comanducci in 2009.

Tonin’s work is appreciated both in Italy and abroad, particularly in the countries of Northern Europe and the United States (several of the artist’s works are in the catalogs of renowned art galleries, such as the Bank of Fine Art, represented in Dallas, USA).

Tonin currently lives and works in a quiet village in the province of Varese.

Art works: