False Flag

False Flag

Milan - Brixen - Vienna

Matteo Negri personally presented his exhibition False Flag from 1 to 3 December in Brixen. Gabriella Truzzi skilfully introduced the artist’s latest creations! The project can still be seen and experienced at Hofgasse 5

Thus, as Marco Balzano underlined, in the text that enriches FALSE FLAG:
“In front of you you have beams of light. They take unexpected directions, walk parallel, draw running tracks beyond the boundaries of the paintings or which take on the appearance of stripes that planes leave on the clear sky. But if those trails nebulae dissolve, pulverizing in the wind, these color directions remain. Distinguishable and decisive, never conventional nor sterile, they find themselves only with another stripe next to them. This is how flags are born.”

Crude facts 6.11. - 22.11.2023

Crude facts

Elisabeth Frei is presenting a nude cycle in our gallery from November 6th to 22nd, 2023.
Nude drawing has accompanied Elisabeth since she attended art school in Ortisei and formed the basis of some of her exhibition cycles, such as “Lived Lives” in Wolkenstein or “ecce musca” in Brunico.

The pictures were framed in our frame workshop in Brixen with high-quality wooden frames and anti-reflective glass.

The opening took place on November 5th at Freudenstein Castle (Eppan) as part of a wine tasting and a concert by Windkraft.

Markus Moling is the first artist of „ART into the old town“ of Klausen-Chiusa opened until 15.9.2023

Markus Moling is the first artist of „ART into the old town“ of Klausen-Chiusa opened until 15.9.2023

Water Light Festival Brixen

Water Light Festival Brixen

May 03 to May 21, 2023

Novixfera (Daniela Cagol), Mario Branca and Federico Romero Bayter will present new works on the subject of water and light.

Water, symbol of life, purification, rebirth and fertility, is considered sacred in many religions, cultures and traditions. Daniela Cagol, in Arte Novixfera presents an undine, (from the Latin unda, wave) elemental spirit of water, often associated with the springs near the forest. These can take the form of foam or ripples of the waves, appearing like graceful water dancers.

The sculptural environment conceived and created  by Mario Branca (Milan 1977) appears like a real underwater forest, Submarine, which over the centuries has undergone a kind of petrification process that has led to the mineralisation of the flora and underwater fauna. Protagonists of the artistic installation are also the paintings of the painter Federico Romero Bayter (Bogotà 1982), who will exhibit large-format paintings with a strong gestural character for the project.


The works can be seen every day, but they are particularly spectacular in the evening from 9 p.m. to midnight, when other light installations can be enjoyed throughout Brixen.

We are looking forward to your visit.

Closing of the bookbindery

Closing of the bookbindery

Thank you to our bookbinder Alexander Weger for his many years of loyal work as a journeyman bookbinder!

Thank you also to all customers who have placed their trust in us for decades and continue to appreciate our selection of pictures, frames and art.

Our two South Tyrolean bookbinder master partners Konrad Egger in Bozen and Georg Spechtenhauser in Lana will certainly fulfill your bookbinding wishes in the best possible way.

Red Dot from Gabriele Middelmann

Red Dot from Gabriele Middelmann

With Red Dot, Gabriele Middelmann has created a masterpiece of splendor.

Red Dot - Gabriele Middelmann

Guido Goller is carving

Guido Goller is carving

Guido Goller is a master in carving female sculptures. This piece is made from local chestnut wood in front of the enthusiastic audience.

Elisabeth Frei reframed

Elisabeth Frei reframed

Elisabeth Frei is an artist who fully lives up to her name. She gives her viewers roses and bread for the hearts and starving art souls; moreover, she constantly liberates herself and the viewer from the usual opinions nurtured by the mass media.

The newly framed works can be seen in the gallery and in our art shop close to the Seminarplatz.

"Violina" Exhibition - Nerone

Violina – Nerone


01.08. – 30.10.2021

opening hours:

Mo – Fr: 10:00 – 13:00 / 15:00 – 18:00

Sa: 10:00 – 13:00


The art Gallery Hofburg is showing the famous Italian artist Nerone (1939-2021) for the first time.

In the gallery you can admire a wide range of unpublished works, which are shown for the first time in this variety. Let yourself be inspired by the pictures, immerse yourself in the strong colors that Nerone skillfully puts on the canvas.

Born on August 1, 1939 as Sergio Terzi in Villarotta (Emilia-Romagna) in poor circumstances. His father is an alcoholic and pays more attention to his dogs than to his children. As the eldest son, Nerone soon takes on responsibility for his younger siblings. He worked in various professions and, inspired by the painter Antonio Ligabue, decided to pick up a brush one morning.

At the beginning he paints figurines and is ridiculed by his comrades, but soon arouses the attention of art critics. As time went by, his painting evolved, the beasts left place to man. His poetry was finally released. At the centre of every canvas, life came back with less envy, less rancour. The enchantment of the colours started dominating. He still painted his wrath, but he knew how to be a ruthless critic of himself: when a piece didn’t convince him he erased or destroyed it.

Numerous international exhibitions and awards testify to the talent of the artist, who is still very well received today.


Marvel at over 80 works by the artist by the end of October 2021.

You can view other works in the art store Kompatscher at the seminar square.

Source: Augusto A. Tota, Remo A. Piperno, V. Sgarbi, exhibition catalogue “Violina” Nerone, 2021.


Exhibition jubilee "70 YEAERS ERNST MÜLLER"

Exhibition jubilee “70 YEAERS ERNST MÜLLER”

10th june until 31 july 2021

Mo – Sa: 10.00 – 13.00 / 15:00 – 18.00 Uhr

“We are happy to take off” writes Ernst Müller on the flyer of his exhibition jubilee “70 YEARS ERNST MÜLLER” which is in Meran & Brixen!