Perspectives by Simon Rauter

The exhibition by Simon Rauter in the showroom of our gallery shows wooden sculptures of various motifs, sizes and designs to marvel at – even a special concrete sculpture is exponed at the entrance to the exhibition. There are not only three-dimensional works by the 40-year-old artist on display, but also sketches and pictures that can be discovered from different perspectives.


Simon Rauter is a master of what can be guessed at, what is obviously hidden. Sometimes we only see the obvious by looking at one Sculpture, but if we take our time, we suddenly discover behind the Facade something hidden, contradicting, previously unthought and maybe provocative too.

The artist’s favorite material is wood. He usually carves the human figures from a large trunk, letting the natural textures of the wood influence his work. During the work, a dialogue arise between the artist and the material. The sculpture is not 100% planned in advance, but it develops in the work process. The surfaces are finely treated, highlighting the life of the tree. The structure of the wood, cracks and holes caused by maggots give the sculptures vividness, but indicates at the same time impermanence.