After many years of intensive exchange and experimentation in 2017, the artists Gabriele Middelmann and Uli Hoiss have come together as Partners in Art, known as -GUHM-, thus fulfilling the common wish to enter new artistic territory. Uli Hoiss and Gabriele Middelmann are independent artists recognized in the art scene who teach their painting through book publications and at international academies. The ART SHIP -GUHM- is a symbiosis of two completely different styles of art, from alternate editing of the canvas in different techniques creates “other”. The communication, the trust, the respect for the opposing art direction and the curiosity for the new are an integral part of this art. Details from morbid architectural surfaces, only to be found in the everyday world at second glance, form the structured surfaces of Gabriele Middelmann. They are the basis for overpainting by Uli Hoiss with sceneries that connect different areas of life. The painterly further processing and supplementation by both artists creates a unique kind and variation of Urban Art: GUHM